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A Cultured Diet 

Solo Exhibition

Figurative work, by nature, emphasizes the way a body looks. ‘A Cultured Diet’ uses images of the human form to draw into question its worth. Why do we place such value on the aesthetics of our bodies, when it is the function that helps us to make connections and experience life?

Diet culture is a belief system that “worships thinness and equates it to health and moral virtue” (Anti-Diet, Harrison, 2018). We are inundated with diet culture. It is so ingrained in Western society that we often overlook the associated harm.

An exhibition is unlikely to dismantle a belief system but perhaps it can add another crack in the veneer. It is time to release the hold of diet culture, and unleash our enthusiasm, curiosity, passion, joy, energy, and intelligence on life itself.

To see all available work, for purchases or commissions, contact the artist here. The online store will be available Spring 2024. 

Visit Mega Mindful in Midland, Ontario to see available work.

The online store will be launched Spring 2024. To purchase work, inquire about available work, set up a studio visit, or for commissions contact the artists here.

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